The Sims 4 Tutorial – How to Create CAS Poses

This is how I create custom CAS poses for The Sims 4. ✨ What you need: Blender Sims 4 Studio *I forgot to add in the video that CAS poses are always inversed in CAS. Happy posing! 💃 Part 1. How to Create Custom Poses for The Sims 4 tutorial: here Blender Hotkeys Cheat Sheet Download [...]
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The Sims 4 Tutorial – How to Create Custom Poses

This is how I create custom poses for The Sims 4. Well, here are the basics on how to create custom poses. We'll get into more detail in future videos. ✨ What you need: Blender Pose player Sims 4 Studio Teleport any sim Photo editor (Photoshop or Gimp or etc.) Happy posing! 💃 Blender [...]
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The Sims 4 I How to create custom content Eyeliner

Adobe Photoshop: click Sims 4 Studio: click Sim body template: click NVIDIA DDS plugin: click  Thumbnail Template: click How to create custom content Lipsticks tutorial: here
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How I take super high quality pictures in The Sims 4

I always get questions about how I get my sim pictures in so high resolution as in high quality, so I thought I would just do a little post about it. I saw Jillie tweeting about this video made by foursims .. and in this video, she uses a program called SRWE. And this tool [...]
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The best Maxis Match CC creators

Lately, I’ve been loving maxis match custom content. It just looks cute and suits The Sims 4 gameplay better than Alpha CC does. I love alpha more but… when you’re playing the game and all the townies and such look maxis and your sim is the only alpha queen, it looks odd.. that’s why I […]

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My favorite Sims 4 Sliders and Presets

Sliders and presets are game changers when it comes to creating a unique sim. You can change almost anything with these mods e.g sim height, hand sizes, butt sizes, the shape of your sims ears, lips, jaw etc. So, here's a list of all the sliders and presets I like using on my sims: LUUMIA [...]
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The Sims 4 Tutorial – How to Download Backgrounds directly in Photoshop

How to remove green screen background: Anastasiy’s Extension Manager: Pixabay Extension: All Adobe Extensions:
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Drawing the perfect Eyeliner in Adobe Photoshop

A tutorial on how I apply eye makeup to my sims in Photoshop. Thank you for watching! 🖤 My favorite Photoshop Brushes: here
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✨ How to Create Glitter Text in Photoshop ✨

✨ There's never too much glitter ✨ Brush used in the tutorial: here My favorite Photoshop Brushes: here
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