For what feels like the 100th time, I reorganized my Mods folder. But this time I focused on the Build and Buy items. My game was full of furniture and windows and trees and whatnot, so I couldn’t find the things I really liked. So I hit the delete button on my Build and Buy folder and started to look for CC I really would enjoy. And because my gameplay is maxis match, that’s what I was looking for.

Here I’m listing all the great maxis match Build and Buy CC creators for you to enjoy as well. Happy CC shopping!


Their website is the first one I always open when I’m looking for furniture or built items. Really great quality CC!

Peacemaker’s CC: click


This creator has so many functional and really good-looking CC on their page. Lately, I’ve been loving their build items a lot! What I especially like is that they have CC Stuff packs, so you can download a lot of CC with one click.

LittleDica’s CC: click


Their page is filled with really great clutter and furniture. They also have amazing functional mod-like furniture that makes will help you with your gameplay 100%. For example, they have a mini-mod called Lamazon Marketplace. With this mod, you essentially get a credit card that lets you shop from anywhere and get products delivered to your sim’s home.

Ravasheen’s CC: click


Myshunosun has really great furniture packs that will look like it belongs to the original game. Definitely, my go-to artist when it comes to creating amazing maxis match CC.

Myshunosun’s CC: click

Around the Sims 4

The queen/king? of clutter! They create furniture too, awesome ones too, but I mostly like their clutter objects.

Around the Sims 4’s CC: click


Again, a creator whose CC looks like it belongs to the real game. High-quality beautiful furniture and build pieces.

Pierisim’s CC: click


They have many beautiful CC stuff packs to choose from. The CC packs are big too! So, you can download a lot of CC with just one click.

Harrie’s CC: click


They also create CC packs filled with a lot of CC. Very detailed and beautiful CC. Harrie CC and Felixandre often create CC packs together too. You can check their collaborations on their shared page called House of Harlix.

Felixandre’s CC: click

Maxsus Store aka Max20

Max writes on their page that they have high-quality content for the Sims 4 game. I have to agree with that. They have a lot of really great CC furniture pieces on their page.

Max’s CC: click

Sixam CC

Another creator with amazing CC packs. Their custom content will look really nice and just right in your game.

Sixam’s CC: click

Illogical Sims

I love how all these creators have CC packs instead of items coming out one by one. This creator also has all kinds of amazing CC packs in their collection you must check out.

Illogical Sims’s CC: click

I’m sure there are a ton of amazing creators who are not listed here. So, if you know any other creators who should be in this list, let me know so I can include them. ✨

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