Seeing images from these custom content creators always makes me wonder, is this a real person or is it a sim on this picture.
I’ve always loved realistic-looking custom content and in this post, I’m listing all my favorite alpha CC creators you need to check out.

These are the alphas of alphas!

Skin and skin details


This creator is the first person that comes to mind when I think of realistic-looking CC. They create skins that are so high-quality it’s insane. They also create sliders and presets that are very necessary when creating a realistic sim. They also have a great selection of makeup and other skin details as well.

Custom content by Obscurus-sims: click


This creator also creates amazing skins. And again, their skins are super high-quality as well. They also create presets, makeup, and other skin details.

Custom content by Ddarkstonee: click

Archivefaction aka Terfearrence

It’s a bit scary how life-like their images look. Another creator who has a lot of super realistic-looking skins and other custom content, like accessories and shoes.

Custom content by Terfearrence: click


The selection of skins that they have is huge. There are skins for so many skin tones and body types. Their skins are very textured and do look very realistic.

Custom content by ThisIsThem: click


What I love about this creator is diversity. They create skins for everyone: male, female, thinner sim, plus-size sims, children, toddlers. Their skins are very detailed and super realistic-looking. They also have other CC, like eyes and skin details.

Custom content by Sims3melancholic: click

Northern Winds

Their sims are so stunning and the CC they make is absolutely amazing as well. They create skins, presets, and skin details that are such high-quality.

Custom content by Northern Winds: click


This creator doesn’t have a lot of skins but they have very lifelike body parts presets you need to have in your game. Also, their 3D feet are my favorite feet to use. No more EA’s feet that don’t have toes. This creator also has body hair and 3D teeth that are of amazing quality as well.

Custom content by Magic-bot: click


Nightcrawler Sims

One of my favorite alpha hair creators. They have so many hairstyles to choose from and all their hairstyles look very realistic and textured.

Custom content by Nightcrawler Sims: click

Leah Lillith

This creator creates hair mostly for female sims but their hair is very unique. They have a lot of different hairstyles to choose from. I love their ombre hair colors. Very beautiful.

Custom content by Leah Lillith: click


Their hair is simple and perfect for everyday looks, which I really like. I also really like the texture of these hairs.

Custom content by Ade_Darma: click


This creator also has a lot of different hairstyles to choose from. They create for males and females. Again, the texture is amazing. And the highlights in the hair makes the hair look very realistic.

Custom content by Wingssims: click


This creator has such stunning swatches and the hair texture looks so real. The hair is such high quality and again, so many different styles to choose from.

Custom content by Anto: click


This creator has a lot of amazing and very unique hairstyles, both for males and females. They also create clothing and accessories perfect for players who like realistic-looking sims.

Custom content by Simpliciaty: click

Clothing and Accessories


This is the creator that comes to mind when I think of alpha cc clothing. The pieces they make are very realistic-looking. The texture is definitely high-quality. They have clothes for males and females

Custom content by Darte77: click


Redheadsims is the type of creator that creates everything. They have amazing high-quality clothing, presets, shoes, hair, furniture pieces, and more. Definitely do check their content out.

Custom content by Redheadsims: click


LazyEyelids’s CC is definitely my most used clothing CC. They have a lot of clothing items for children and adults, male and female.

Custom content by LazyEyelids: click

Slay Classy

Most of their CC is very extra and I love it. They do have a lot of simple clothing pieces too, though. So, something for everyone. They also create stunning accessories as well.

Custom content by Slay Classy: click


Murphy-sims has such high-quality stunning jewelry CC you need to check out.  They also create clothing pieces that are amazing as well.

Custom content by Murphy-Sims: click

Gorilla x3

This creator is definitely someone you need to check out. The quality of their content is very high and the clothing items look so realistic. Must-have items for sure.

Custom content by Gorillax3: click


So many clothing items to choose from. Their clothes are very realistic-looking, definitely high-quality and you can find amazing pieces for adults and for toddlers and children.

Custom content by Nitropanic: click


Their clothing looks so cozy and perfect for everyday looks. The texture and quality if so life-like, you need their items in your mod folder if you like realistic-looking CC.

Custom content by Elliesimple: click


This creator creates absolutely beautiful clothing items. These items look gorgeous on every sim.

Custom content by Dreamgirl: click


Another creator who creates beautiful and realistic-looking clothing items. You can find dresses, blouses, pants, and more from their page.

Custom content by Kenzar: click


Tops, dresses, trousers from this creator are really great. I especially like their casual loungewear items, like joggers and homey tops.

Custom content by Lynxsimz: click


Their content looks so realistic it’s difficult to understand if it’s a real item or is it for the Sims.

Custom content by Bank42n: click


This creator has created so many clothing items over the years and they all look really amazing.

Custom content by Belal1997: click


Another CC creator who has created a lot of clothing items that look great and are definitely making your sim look more realistic.

Custom content by Laupipi: click


They have clothes for every look in mind. They have beautiful dresses, cozy loungewear pieces, and edgy outfits for your sims.

Custom content by Busra-tr: click



Their shoes are probably most-known in the community. You could only download their shoes and you’re good to go. They have shoes for every occasion. They also have amazing clothing pieces as well.

Custom content by Madlen: click


Their page is shoe heaven. So many gorgeous shoes that look super-realistic. Most of their shoes require high heels slider though.

Custom content by Shoestopia: click


High-quality, very unique, and stunning shoes. Most of their shoes also require the high heels slider.

Custom content by NativesSims4: click


I use their shoes very often because they look amazing and the quality is amazing as well. Again, a lot of their shoes also require the high heels slider.

Custom content by DallasGirl: click


As I mentioned before Redheadsims creates a lot of different CC and one of the things they create is shoes. And their shoes are gorgeous and of great quality. They’re also the creator of the high heels slider.

Custom content by Redheadsims: click

…and that is it. These are all my favorite ultra-realistic custom content creators. I 100% forgot someone so, if you know a creator who isn’t mentioned here, do let me know and I will add them as well.

Here are some other lists I recommend checking out if you want your Sims 4 game to look as lifelike as possible:

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