For me personally, EA’s Sims 4 eyelashes look more like 3D eyeliner… and sadly, I’ve never liked them. So, when the first custom-made 3D eyelashes came out, I was thrilled! Now, years later there are so many options for different styles of eyelashes. And I hope you’ll find some goodies from this list for your game as well! ✨

No More EA eyelashes

Not a must-have but I do recommend downloading this mod that will remove EA eyelashes.

Cienzroza’s EA eyelash remover mod: click

3D eyelashes by Kijiko

The most known eyelash creator. This creator also has the biggest selection of different styles of eyelashes: colored, curled, and uncurled.

Kijiko’s 3D eyelashes: click

3D eyelashes by Plumbobjuice

These are the recolor/retexture of Kijiko-sims eyelashes and you need a mesh for these. But these lashes are so long, thick, and gorgeous.

Plumbobjuice 3D eyelashes: click

3D eyelashes by MaySims

These are very old eyelashes but they still work. There are 3 color choices and all kinds of different styles. The downside to these lashes is that they don’t stick to the sims lash line so you have to make the eye shape to fit the lashes. I hope that made sense. Also, you need to have an account on their site in order to download these.

MaySims 3D eyelases: click

3D eyelashes by MMsims

Very natural looking and soft eyelashes. This creator has made a lot of versions of 3D lashes too. And of course, they are all must-haves.

MMsims 3D eyelashes: version 1&2 ; version 3 ; version 4 ; version 5

3D eyelashes by Dreamgirl

There are many different unique styles in these packs.  I especially like the spiky-looking lashes in the version 1 pack.

Dreamgirl 3D eyelashes: version 1version 2 ; version 4 ; version 5 ; version 6

3D Lashes by LeahLillith

Here are some beautiful and luscious lashes. Very long and very realistic looking. The only downside is that these don’t have lower lashes. But you can combine these with eyeliners that look like lashes and you’re good to go.

LeahLillith Hollywood 3D eyelashes: click 

LeahLillith Attitude 3D Eyelashes: click

*Pics are from LeahLiliths site

Ruby 3D Lashes by Screaming Mustard

These eyelashes are more of a natural side which I really appreciate.

Ruby 3D eyelashes: click 

Sapphire 3D Lashes by Screaming Mustard

Beautiful delicate and natural-looking lashes.

Sapphire 3D eyelashes: click 

Halloween 3D Lashes by Giuliettasims

If you’re in need of some very unique eyelashes, I recommend these fantasy eyelashes. There are 7 fantasy swatches and 5 regular swatches. Perfect for Halloween!

Halloween 3D eyelashes: click 

3D eyelashes by S-Club

Very subtle and natural eyelashes. Perfect for male and female sims. This creator also has colored eyelashes for all kinds of looks.

S-Club 3D Eyelashes: click

Mink 3D eyelashes by Badddiesims

If you’re looking for eyelashes that can be seen from Sixam, these lashes are for you. These are very long and thick lashes. But because these lashes don’t fit the lash line perfectly, I would recommend using bold black eyeliner to cover the gap between the lashes and the lash line.

Badddiesims 3D Eyelashes: click

3D eyelashes by Murphy Sims

Another set of long and thick lashes. The selection is quite big too.

Murphy Sims 3D Eyelashes: version 1 ; version 2

3D eyelashes by Katco

This creator has created a lot of different sets of eyelashes. Something for everyone.

Katco 3D Eyelashes: N1 ; N2 ; N3 ; N4 ; N5 ; N6 ; N7 ; N8 ; N9 ; N10 ; N11 ; N12 ; N13

Twiggy 3D eyelashes by Giuliettasims

Twiggy-inspired long lashes. Many different styles to choose from.

Giuliettasims 3D Eyelashes: click

Maxis Match 3D eyelashes

If you’re not into the whole realistic style of eyelashes, there are eyelashes that match the maxis match style.

MM 3D eyelashes by MMsims

This creator also has eyelashes for simmers who enjoy maxis match style of CC. These lashes suit the game really well.

MMsims 3D Eyelashes: version 1 ; version 2

MM 3D eyelashes by Pickypikachu

Another version of 3D lashes for maxis match players. These lashes only have 2 styles but you can choose different shades for the lashes.

Pickypikachu 3D Eyelashes: click

Princess MM 3D eyelashes by KikiSimLive

These lashes have a few different styles to choose from.

KikiSimLive 3D Eyelashes: click

Set 1 MM 3D eyelashes by Bed & Musae

Very natural and cute eyelashes for everyday wear.

Bed & Musae 3D Eyelashes: click

*These are not all the swatches. Just a few examples from each creator. 

If you know any other CC lashes that should be on this list, let me know so I can add those too.

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