It’s time to do another list of awesome custom content. This time it’s all about makeup. 💄💋

Here I’ve listed my favorite makeup creators. Their work is of high quality. I especially like creators whose makeup has a lot of swatches and looks good on every skin tone. All these creators are alpha CC creators, meaning, more realistic, and textured. I hope you will find something for your own game.

Here are amazing makeup creators, in no particular order:


I feel like this creator is more known for their skins and presets but I love their makeup as well. I always get so excited when I see that they have released new makeup, such as lipsticks and eyeshadows.

Custom content by Obscurus-sims: click


Like with the previous creator this creator is an amazing skins creator but their makeup is also on point.

Custom content by DDarkstonee: click


This creator has come out with so much makeup. At least half of the makeup cc that I have is from this creator.

Custom content by GoppolsMe: click


Bold and beautiful! The makeup is very high-quality and looks great on all your sims.

Custom content by FashionRoyaltySims: click

Alaina Lina

Just gorgeous! Again, very bold and stunning makeup. Perfect for those who love makeup.

Custom content by Alaina Lina: click


This is another very talented makeup cc creator. You can find makeup for bold looks, for natural looks and for every skin tone.

Custom content by RemusSirion: click


This creator has everything: eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliner, eyes, brows, etc. Their makeup collection is huge.

Custom content by Pralinesims: click

Jul Haos

My most recent favorite! The makeup, presentation, and quality – amazing.

Custom content by Jul Haos: click


So much makeup to choose from. You can create so many stunning looks with their makeup.

Custom content by Angissi: click


More natural-looking makeup for your sims. Such a realistic and beautiful makeup.

Custom content by Seleng: click


The makeup posters look better than real-life makeup ads. Gorgeous makeup for your sims!

Custom content by Slephora: click


Their lipsticks and blushes are absolutely stunning – soft, elegant, and looks amazing on all sims.

Custom content by 4w25: click


…a little shameless promo. 🙈

Custom content makeup by me: click

*These are not all their creations. Just a few examples from each creator. 

If you know any other amazing makeup creators that should be on this list, let me know so I can add those too.

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