First things first… What is ReShade?

ReShade is an advanced, fully generic post-processing injector for games and video software developed by crosire. (
In easier words, it’s an image-enhancing tool that makes your game look amazing! You can add brightness, vibrance, sharpness to your game. Make different lighting effects and much more.
There are so many different presets available already and I’m gonna share some of my favorite presets with you.

Some useful links:

  • Download Reshade here
  • ReShade installation tutorial here
  • More ReShade presets: here

Simemi’s ReShade preset

Download link: here
This is my most used preset. Very simple preset. This adds a lot of brightness and vibrancy to your game. Perfect for everyday gaming.

Money and Milk Reshade Preset

Download link: here

Oh, this preset is amazing! There’s almost no extra editing needed with this one.

Clear Bloom Reshade Preset

Download link: here

You can use this one with every senery. Very-very detailed. Comes with in-depth tutorial. Highly recommend this one!

Patchouli Rose ReShade Preset

Download link: here
This one is just gorgeous. Adds that perfect romantic touch to your images. Intramoon has a lot of different presets available and I recommend checking them all out here.

Pixelore Drama ReShade Preset

Download link: here
This preset adds almost like a movie effect to your game. Perfect for machinimas and story-telling pictures.

Honeybodies Nostalgia ReShade Preset

Download link: here
Similar to the previous one. Perfect for machinimas and story-telling pictures.

Whiisker Pristmatic ReShade Preset

Download link: here
I love this one! Definitely one of my favorite. It’s so dreamy and soft. Adds a lot of depth to the image. 🐷

RemusSirion’s Story Room & Preset #6 ReShade Presets

Download Story Room: here
Download Preset #6: here
Perfect for those creepy scary scenes. 😅

These are all the presets I’ve used and loved so far. I hope you’ll find something for your gameplay as well. 😊

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