By now almost everyone knows I like creating sims that look very realistic. I like realistic furniture, realistic hair, face features, makeup and basically everything in my game has to look like a photograph of the real life. I know it’s not – believe me. I do not live in the fantasy world, yet. Hah 😅
I like the cartoony look too, don’t get me wrong but I prefer Alpha (realistic) CC over Maxis Match (cartoony).
Anyway, I know I’m not a guru when it comes to realistic looking sims but I’d like to think I’m not the worst either. So here are some of my tips how you can make your sim turn into a „human“ lookalike.
The first thing I recommend you is take a picture of yourself or take one from Google and try to create a sim based on that picture. And put emphasis on details. Where are your eyes, nose and mouth located. Try to mimic everything – even the body shape.
But in order for you to put  emphasis on details you need a lot of custom content  because EA doesn’t have what we need so let’s get right into it.


The Sims default eyes are great but not good for what we want to achieve here. I recommend using custom eyes that replace the default ones.
My favorite default cc eyes are by Alf-si:
Another default ones I like are by MS Blue called Expressive Eyes V2
EA eyes:

Alf-si eyes:

Expressive Eyes:

With these I like using eye specular remover for best results. I use this default version of eye specular/reflection remover:
But there are times I like using custom eyes that are not default cc eyes. There are so many good cc eyes that are in face-paint section.
Here are some of my favorites:
Doe Eyes by Crybabies:

Eyes N01 by FashionRoyaltySims:

Vlogger Eyes:

Taq eyes:

Geneticin eyes:

3D eyelashes

First things first. We need to remove these bulky looking EA lashes and thankfully there is a mod that can do just that – removing EA eyelashes from the eyes.
No EA lashes mod:
And download 3D eyelashes by kijiko as well:


There isn’t much to say about eyebrows. We just need them. I have 3 favorite eyebrow creators. And they are: Alf-si, Pralinesims and S-club.
Some of my favorite eyebrows:
Alf-si Sophia eyebrows:

Alf-si Valeria eyebrows:

Pralinesims Yuri Eyebrows N41:

Pralinesims Jade Eyebrows N40:

S-Club Eyebrows F 201704:

S-Club Eyebrows F 201707:


I use this default replacement skin, which gives my sims a lot of skin details (nipples… and more):
Luumiasims body replacement pack:
I have a lot of custom skins in my Mods folder and to be honest I wish I had even more. Custom made skin is very important when it comes to realistic looking sim.
My favorite skin creator is and always has been s4models. Sadly, she has not made any new skins recently but there are some old but great ones on her website:

There are a lot of amazing skins from other creators as well and here are some:
Cinnamonroll skin v3:
Mia Skin Overlay:
R skin 3:
R skin 8:

Skin tones

I only use 4 different custom skin tones. But you definitely need at least 1 custom skin tone in your Mods folder because EA skin tones don’t offer much diversity.
Ms Blue Skintone Set V2 (my most used skin tone):

Ms Blue Skintone Set V3: 

Kijiko  Skin tones:
Xmiramira Melanin Pack 2 (deeper skin tones):

Skin details

This part is Super important! What makes sim look realistic is not only the skin, eyes and eyebrows but it’s the details. Like eye bags, mouth corners, wrinkes, pores and all that good stuff.
I feel like I’ve downloaded every skin detail cc there is. I know I don’t have all of them but I do have a lot. And if you want your sim to look as “human” as it possibly can you need to download these skin details too.
For that go to and download all those details you need:

Skin details I can not live without:

Cleavage detail:

Defined nose and

Eye bags
TAMO eyebags:

Obscurus Eyebags and contour: 

KC dark undereye circles:

Nose mask
Defined nose mask:
Nose mask N1:
Nose mask N2:
Nose mask N3:

Mouth corners
Mouth Corners N01:
Mouth Corners N03:
Mouth Corners N04:

Freckles, birthmarks & moles
To be honest  I don’t use freckles and birthmarks very often. I should but I forget to.
But here are some I like:
Alf-si March – Face Freckles: 

I don’t have favorite moles/birthmarks cc but these are the ones I have in my CC collection:
MP Set of 4 moles N2:
Set of 5 moles N1:
IMF Beauty Marks – Version 2 F/M:
IMF Beauty Marks F/M:
Face Contour
Let’s channel our inner Kim K for a sec because I hear contouring is her thing.
Here are some of my favorite contouring cc:
Pralinesims Contour N01(btw all Pralinesims contour and skin details are so very good):
RemusSirion Skin details(he’s cc is worth your time too):

Nose contour
Maccosimetics Nose contour (my favorite):

RemusSirion Nose masks:

I have a soft spot for dimples. I think dimples are super cute and sexy so let’s go over some of my favorite dimples:
Oh So Sweet Dimples by Shinasims:

Pralinesims Dimples N06:
Pralinesims Dimples N04:

Pralinesims Dimples N05:

Face shine

I don’t know about you but days when there’s like 30 °C out there I am shiny and oily and I hate it but it’s life. Well, there are some great face shine cc for sims as well and here is my favorite one by Screaming Mustard:
[ Sol ] – Face Shine:

Glossy skin  

I love using it. It makes your sim all glowy and dewy. It just adds something extra special to your sim.
Glossy skin:

Baby hair 

Baby hair/hairline is something I use almost  everytime I make a sim. It adds so much to your sim. Without baby hair my sims look just wrong like they have only wig on so I have to add them every time.

Baby hair Serena:
Baby hair Eve:
Baby hair Eve 2.0:
Baby hair Vanilla & Hazel:
Mimilky Babyhair N2:
Mimilky Hairline:

Body hair

We have hair on our body… your sim should too.
Luumiasims Body hair V5 (for your male sim):
Kijiko’s Body Hair for Female and Male(pubic hair):

Bonus Tips!

Blush for deeper skin tones
Estrojans Blaque Blush No.2:

There are so so many great cc lips with this skin-like texture and I’m living for them.

Purify Lipstick:
Precursor Lipstick:
Skin colour lipstick:
Batter Man Lips:
Obscurus N2 & N3:


EA doesn’t even have nails – that says it all.
My favorite nails:
MorganeParis Nails 02:
PS Nails N07 Matte Square:
PS NailsN09 Matte Short:


I don’t have favorite hair styles right now. But my favorite hair creators are:
Leah Lillith:
HallowSims: (links are here:
Here’s the link where you can download all the Alpha Hair Styles you like:
For male sims, here are all the facial hair:

ALL Sims 4 CC:

I think this is everything. I hope you find it helpful and if you do have any questions feel free to ask me anytime.
Happy Simming!

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