The Sims 4 I Create a sim I Young and Luscious

Video: Custom Content: Overall: Skin: Eyes: 3D eyelashes: Mole: Baby hair: Eyebrows: Tattoo: Everyday: Hair: Shirt: Eyeliner: (New Feline look) Nails: (Metallic touch) Ring: Highlights: Face shine: Shorts: Shoes: Lips:–dry-lip-colour/id/1346814/ Eyeshadow: Bracelet: Formal: Hair: Bronzer: […]

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The Sims 4 I Create a sim I Modern Teen

Video: Custom content: Eyes: 3D eyelashes: Skin: Face shine: Eyebrows: Face mask:–adultmale/id/1278801/ Lips: Hair:–roulette-%28hair%29/id/1335404/ Eyeshadow: Eyeliner: Beanie:–foxy-beanie/id/1325785/ Shoes: Top: Nose percing: Ear piercings: Jeans: Nails & Rings: Belly button ring: Coat:–gloria/id/1314365/ Pictures: Thank you for watching! […]

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The Sims 4 I Create a sim I Mr. Handsome

Because we don’t have enough male sims. ♡ Video: Custom Content: Skin: Eyes: 3D eyelashes: Hair:–sims-4/id/1274108/ Beard: Body hair: Nosemask: Eyebrows: Eyebags:–eyebag/id/1314416/ Everyday Pants: Athletic Shirt:–outdoor-retreat-needed/id/1334864/ Pants: Shoes: Sleep Boxers: Party Watch:–magnetized-watch/id/1339694/ Pants: Shirt: Shoes: Swim Sunglasses:–thomas/id/1321750/ […]

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The Sims 4 I Create a sim I Victoria’s Secret Angel

S-Club came out with Victoria’s Secret angel wings and I made a sim. 😀 ♡ Video: Custom Content: Hair: Undies: Top: Eyes: Contour: Lips: Wings: 3D eyelashes: Mouth corners: Cleavage: Skin: Face shine: Shoes: Eyebrows: Eyeliner: Eyeshadow: Nails: Earrings: Pictures: […]

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The Sims 4 I Create a sim I Goodbye Summer

Summer is almost over! At least where I live. It makes me sad but… nah, Christmas is close though, so all is good. 😀 But I made a sim with a summerish outfit and I hope you like her. ♡ Video: Custom Content: Hair: Moles: Lips: Contour: (Face Modeleur) 3D Eyelashes: […]

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Disney Princesses in The Sims 4 style

Once long-long time ago I made 4 princesses for a Sim magazine called SimsVita and I thought I’d share those pictures with you today. ♡ This is the magazine issue I was featured in: Hope you like it! Kat ♡

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The Sims 4 I Create a sim I Tinkerbell

I love Tinkerbell. She’s sassy and adorable little fairy so I made a sim version of Tink and I hope you like it. ♡ Video: Custom Content:  Skin: Eyes: (Super eyes) Mouth corners: Hair: Nosemask: Pixie ears: 3D lashes: Dress&Shoes: Waterliner: Lips: Eyeliner: Eyebrows: […]

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The Sims 4 I Create a sim I Business Woman

I found a hair, gorgeous one so… I just had to make a new sim. ♡ Video: Custom Content list: Skin: Eyes: 3D eyelashes: Mouth corners: Eyebags:–eyebag/id/1314416/ Nosemask: Eyebrows: Hair:–erratic-%28female-hair%29/id/1348982/ Eyeshadow: Inner corner highlight: Bronzer: Lips: Lower lid waterliner: Necklace: Coat:–gloria/id/1314365/ […]

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The Sims 4 I Create a sim I Mr. Charming

I haven’t done a male sim a while so I did one today. I hope you like him as much as I do. ♡ Video: Custom Content: Overall Skin: Nosemask: Body hair: (BodyHair00_Female-and-Male) Eyes: Eyebrows:[-timothy-]–male-brows/id/1339308/ Mouth corners: 3D eyelashes: Hair:–persona-%28male-hair%29/id/1302883/ Everyday Shoes: Jeans: Shirt: Watch: […]

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How to upload photos from PC to Instagram

I am lazy and that’s why I don’t like uploading my pictures to my phone first and then to Instagram. So I’ve found myself a great alternative. I use Bluestacks for all that. And I thought I’d show you how I use Bluestacks for uploading my photos. First you have to download the program into […]

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