As a disabled person myself I find it important to include disability content in a life simulation game… because, well, in real life we do have all kinds of people. ✨

So, here are some great finds for Sims with disabilites AND I also made a Pinterest board where I have an even bigger and growing selection of disability related CC: here


Wheelchair by Severinka

Download: link
(recolor: link)

Wheelchair by SkeletalScreams

Download: link

Wheelchair by Teabaker

Windkeeper’s Modern Wheelchair Converted for TS4

Download: link

Animated Functional Wheelchair by Necrodog

Download: link


Prosthetic Leg by Clumsyalienn

Download: link
(only the mediafire link works)

Prosthetic Legs by a3ano_013

Download: link

Prosthetic Legs by Theblacksimmer

Conversions for masculine and children sims

Download: link

Bionic Arm by Onelama

Download: link

Bionic Arm by Linnysia-Sims

Download: link

Walking Canes, Sticks, Crutches

Walking Canes/sticks by Historicalsimslife

Download: link

Walking Sticks by A-luckyday

Download: link

Crutches by Maretastories

Download: link (sadly link no longer works)

White Cane by Studio K Creation

Download: link

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids by BellasSims

Download: link

Hearing Aids by Fruity-humans

Download for adults: link
Download for children: link

Blind Eyes

Blind Eye Overlays by Teanmoon

Download: link

Blind Eyes by Sylvanes

Download: link

Blind Shattered Eyes by AleNikSimmer

Download: link


Nasal oxygen tube by IvkaSims

Download: link

Knee Braces by Sunflower Petals

Download: link

Three Legged Pets by Wyattssims

Download front leg version: link
Download hind leg version: link

If you know any other custom content that I haven’t mentioned, do let me know so I can include it.

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