If you know me you’d know I love creating poses but, I’m not the only one. So, I thought I would list some other amazing pose creators who are creating magic!

There are so many pose creators. New pose creators keep popping up like little mushrooms after the rain. So, here are only some of the creators who I think are creating good-quality detailed poses I think are worth checking out. ♡

  • All my poses: here
  • All The Sims 4 poses: here
  • How to create poses tutorials: here


The sole reason I fell in love with poses in the first place. Before I started making my own poses, my Pose folder was filled with her “modeling” poses, I’d say 98% of the poses I had were made by Helgatisha.

Helgatisha Poses: link


Such a great quality story-telling poses! And she has pose packs for emotions, meaning face expressions. I know people have been asking me to make some, but Berlin has already made some really great ones.

Simmerberlin Poses: link


If you’re a sims story-teller, you need to check out these poses. She has a great selection for all kinds of poses, mostly story-telling poses.

Something-Wicked-Sims Poses: link


Sadly, I don’t think she creates anymore but I had to include her because she’s the OG pose queen. She’s the first one I saw who was creating poses for the Sims 4. Even though she doesn’t create anymore you can find a lot of amazing poses from her page. She has all kinds of poses: modeling poses, couples poses, group poses, story-telling poses.

Flowerchamber Poses: link


First of all, this creator has Amazing sim edits and their poses are just as good. You’ll find great single and couples poses from their page.

Catsblob poses: link


This creator creates poses that are so on point with a lot of details put into them. Granted, she doesn’t have a lot of poses but the ones she does have are great! Aaand, her posters for the poses are so aesthetically pleasing you just need to download her content.

Daniparadise Poses: link


This creator has so many poses, a lot of them are quite.. saucy(18+) though. But you will definitely find some great poses for your sim story. Oh, and she also has some great poses for facial expressions.

Joannebernice Poses: link


Another creator who has an insane amount of poses and they are all sooo great quality. I love when poses have these little details like the fingers are not all straight or toes are little curled.. I’m not sure if that makes sense but this creator has that in their poses. Love love these poses!

Rinvalee Poses: link


This creator has so many cute poses on her page. I especially like her couples poses and poses with toddlers – so cute. Zairah also has a lot of tutorials on how to create poses which I have learned from in the past.

Zairah Poses: link


This is the creator I go to whenever I need to create poses with accessories. Luckyday has a lot of accessories for pose making, so only, for this reason, you should check their page out. But they also make a lot of poses, like modeling poses, toddler poses, pet poses etc.

A-luckyday Poses: link

Shibui Sims

This creator has a lot of poses you could use for your stories. She also has a Youtube channel where she shows how she makes her poses.

Shibui Sims Poses: link


Another creator who creates such high-quality poses. Their dance poses are just wow!

Sciophobis Poses: link


A creator that also has so many poses to choose from. She has a lot of cuteee couples poses you should check out.

Cassandragrusel86 Poses: link


A creator I discovered very recently! They have really good quality poses with the best face expressions. 😁

Rayw05771 Poses: link


I think that’s it! These are the creators I know and admire. I hope you enjoy!


Who’s your favorite Pose creator? ♡


*I will update this post whenever I find an amazing pose creator. 

Author Katverse