I’m finally delivering you some couples pregnancy poses. Poses are meant for a sim who’s in her third trimester. 🌞
I hope you enjoy!

  • 5 poses total
  • in game The Sims 4 Poses
  • place two teleporters in the same spot

you’ll need:

Reshade preset used (Caramel KitKat): here

Custom content used:

Female CC:

Male CC:

Author Katverse
Categories Custom Content Poses

Comments (2)

  • Alex
    August 2, 2019 at 21:54 Reply
    What is the preset used and where can I find it? Its so cute.
    • Katverse
      August 3, 2019 at 10:40 Reply
      Reshade preset used (Caramel KitKat): here

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