Cassandra has grown into a beautiful young adult. She has left her teenage years in the past alongside with her pigtails. Because of her famous parents Cassandra also had to grow up with sims following her every move. And now she is fully embracing it by having a huge following on social media. She has already been the face for many different products and brands.

And today, Cassandra is proud to announce that she has come out with a brand new make-up product called Cassandra Eyeliner. This new eyeliner is perfect for that smokey & bold eye look!

Cassandra truly has become famous! 😏


Want your eyes to look like Cassandra’s? Then you better order this eyeliner 💜

  • 10 swatches
  • Teen to elder
  • Eyeliner category
  • Custom thumbnail
  • For males and females
Author Katverse

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