How to upload photos from PC to Instagram

I am lazy and that’s why I don’t like uploading my pictures to my phone first and then to Instagram. So I’ve found myself a great alternative. I use Bluestacks for all that. And I thought I’d show you how I use Bluestacks for uploading my photos.

First you have to download the program into your PC. (I use Windows) I don’t actually use the newest version just because it always has a lot of problems with uploading so I have an oldie but goodie version.

Go to and download your program (I have version

Register your account (you have to have Google account for that) or just sign-up.

When everything is set then we need to download Instagram.

I already have downloaded Instagram but you click on search and then write Instagram there… just like you would with your phone. Bluestacks is basically phone on your PC.


Now how I upload my pics:

I simply just select the picture on my computer and drag it to Bluestacks.

Like so:

This is how it looks on PC:


And that’s it.

If you’d like to know how I edit my photos then let me know. 


Kat ♡


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