Here you can commission Sims 4 poses for your game. I won’t be uploading them anywhere. And you can do whatever you want with the poses you request. ✨

You can choose if you want In Game poses or CAS Poses.


I don’t take pose commissions at the moment.


● One pose per 1 sim = $1 USD
(3 single poses = 3$, group pose with 4 sims = 4$ etc.)

● Only for Sims 4
● Sadly, I don’t do animations
● Payment only through PayPal
● Group poses can have up to 6 sims
● Delivery time is up to 5 working days
● No refunds (except if I cancel request)


If you’re interested send me an email:

I also have a Suggestion Box if you want to suggest to me what kind of poses or other CC you’d like me to make. Or what kind of Youtube videos and tutorials you’d like me to make.

Suggestion Box

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