Today’s post is not about a new CC piece or a Youtube video. I saw these questions on someone else’s blog and so I thought it would maybe be interesting for you to get to know me a little.. alright, alright.. to be honest I just like these kinds of Tags and I like answering questions. 😅

So, here are my answers:

What is your middle name?:
I don’t have one. I only have a first and last name.

What was your favorite subject at school?:
History, mostly because my history teachers always made it so interesting. And I really loved the art classes. I’ve never been good at it but I’ve always been fascinated by it.

What is your favorite drink?:
For years it was milk. I would drink it with every meal.. but then later I developed a lactose intolerance.. so, milk is history for me. Now, I love water. Plain ice-cold water… oh, and coffee.. can’t forget about coffee, even if I tried. 😒

What is your favorite song at the moment?:
I really don’t have one. But lately, I’ve been very into LoFi music. Ooh, Dreams by Nuages.. listen to that one. So good!

What is your favorite food?:
Sushi! And spicy food… 💃

What is the last thing you bought?:
Probably food… and a bottle of CBD oil.

Favorite book of all time?:
I never liked reading books. I used to hide in bathrooms all day when my parents wanted me to read a book.. it was like a torture for me. But noow, I’ve discovered audiobooks and it’s a different story. I love Harry Potter books.. and The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer.

Favorite Color?:
Purple! And light blue.. and pink, and black. I like them all. Olive green though, not a fan.. it reminds me of a snot..ugh. 🤢

Do you have any pets?:
I wish I did. I want to get a dog so bad! 🐶

Favorite Perfume?:
I don’t wear perfumes.. because they are expensive.. soap is cheaper so..

Favorite Holiday?:
Christmas… all the lights and food, and people are friendlier.. maybe the last part is just my imagination… 🤔

Are you married?:
Not yet. But I have been dating my amazing boyfriend for almost 7 years now. 💕

Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?:
Only a few times.. I’ve never been on a plane though.

Do you speak any other language?:
I speak Estonian. I used to speak German too but.. I haven’t had a chance to practice it so German is now too history for me. 😢

What is your favorite shop?:
Does eBay or Amazon count? 😅

Favorite restaurant?:
If you serve me some great sushi… I will like you and that’s that. 😊

When was the last time you cried?:
I don’t cry that much these days. I hold everything in and someday at the most random moment I burst and cry my eyes out. Healthy, I know… 😎

Favorite Movie?:
I love all the Marvel movies. But I think Wonder Woman is my favorite.. because I have a crush on Gal Gadot. 😍 Shh

Favorite TV shows?:
Right now, I’d say The Magicians. The list of all my favorite TV shows is far too long to write here.

PC or Mac?:
PC because that is all I have ever used. And it hasn’t failed me yet..

What phone do you have?:
Elephone S8, it’s an Android phone and works great.

How tall are you?:
160cm. I think it’s 5.2 feet? 🐧

Can you cook?:
Enough to not starve but.. no, I’m no cook.


Thank you for reading this masterpiece. 😅


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