Youtubers I am subscribed to

I really love Youtube. And I watch a lot of youtubers.

My list:

Alexis makes some funny videos. I love her vibe.

She is a huge dog lover. Anna makes great fashion, beauty and family related videos. Oh and food.. her desserts – Yum!

Irish everyday vlogger living in London. Family goals!

Another vlogger. Another family foals!

Cassie’s workout videos are intense and I love them.

Newly vegan eye-candy who makes fitness related videos.

This girl is just too pretty! Makeup AND fashion guru. Newly vegan and her inner beauty shines so far!

Makeup AND fashion guru as well.

Colleen Evans (née Ballinger) comedian, actress, singer, TV show producer and so on. She is the most down to earth person I know.

Hannah has  lost over 60 pounds following a whole foods plant based diet. She sure makes me motivated everytime I see her videos.

Easy vegan recipes created by Lauren Toyota and John Diemer.

The one and only Lilly Singh. Entertainer. One Lover. Unicorn.

Everyone’s big sister online. Although she is younger than me… Weylie and her boyfriend Wah also have a vlogging channel called WahlieTV.

Ralph Smart is a psychologist and a life coach and 100 other things. Become your greatest version.

Amanda likes to do videos about makeup and food. And she’s vegan. And she’s pretty.

Jenna has 16 million subscribers for a reason.

Vegan videos. Lifestyle videos. Fashion and beauty videos + vlogs. What more could you want.

She loves makeup, like a lot!

Raw vegan food queen!

Another famous beauty guru. Her snapchat rants are the best.

The Sims is and will always be my favorite PC game. Yani’s gameplay videos are the best ones out there.

Lisa’s what I eat in a day videos are my favorite ones.

Beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle – everything I love in one channel.

Hannah Hart. Comedian, actress, author. A little bit of everything.

One of the best singers I know!

A makeup queen who can’t live without highligters.

One of my favorite lifestyle vloggers.

Prince Ea is a rapper and an activist. He is changing the world.

She has some random videos. And I love them all. This girl keeps it real..and funny.

Alyse has some awesome videos about raw eating, fitness, self love…etc.

I’ve been subscribed to Scola for a long-long time. Fitness guru. Food lover. She’s a luscious princess!

She’s a beauty guru but I actually love her vlogs a bit more. Vlog channel of hers is Shaaanxo Vlogs.

She loves beauty, hair hacks and starbucks. She’s also super silly and funny. I love her! Heart also has a vlog channel called ThatsHeartTV.

Trisha loves to entertain. And she just loves everyone. She’s a bit troubled and I like that about her. She is not afraid to show who she really is.

We all know and love Tyler.

Zoe is an awesome fashion and beauty vlogger. I also would love to get my hands on her beauty products someday.


That’s it!

I think that’s everyone. Some of them I don’t watch as often anymore but I do love them all.




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