I’ve been labeled

I feel like I’m a mutant sometimes because I’m different. People call me different because the body I was given is a bit weird and doesn’t look the way it’s Supposed to look – it doesn’t look normal. It doesn’t come near to society standards. Some call me an invalid. My friends call me special and some say I’m a freak. I’ve been labeled so many things that I’ve lost count.
When I was a little girl I did not know that I’m not normal. I was climbing trees, playing with dolls and running around without feeling the pain I was about to encounter.
Children started to make fun of the way I walked or the way my hands were. They called me a monkey, a freak.. Some even punched me..some spat on my head. It was then when I realized I was different. I had been labeled.
But what those people don’t understand is that I did not choose this body. I didn’t ask any of this. I was just…born.
I can’t be sorry for being born. I can’t change the vessel I was born in. All I can do is accept my body and the challenges it gives me.
I do think myself as a human though. I have a heart, feelings, thoughts… I even have a head. So why does my physical appearance make this much of a difference? And it’s not only about me being an invalid…
When your skin color is white – you get bullied. When it’s black – you get bullied. When it’s green – you will get bullied.
Oh you have an amazingly beautiful hair – my friend, you will get bullied. It doesn’t matter how you look, how you dress, how you talk – people will always have something negative to say about you. It’s so unfair.
The crazy part is that I wouldn’t even see myself as an abnormal person if those mean kids hadn’t bullied me all those years ago.
I don’t even know what the point of this post is other than.. don’t make other people feel like they don’t belong. Make them feel wanted and beautiful. Make them feel unique and..well, normal.
If you don’t like something about some people just look away, breathe and walk away.
Everyone feels the pain same way but everyone feels the joy and kindness the same way as well, so choose to be kind and positive. #killthemwithkindness





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